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The Netherlands

Global Breeding Statistics

Males with offspring: 3635
50,65% of males have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Sire: 4

Females with offspring: 5083
57,49% of females have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Dam: 3
10 Top Sires:
Name: Offspring: Partners: 2d Generation Offspring: Sire: Dam:
1   Gillandant Awiseman (*2011)7992 (out of 1 dogs)Gillandant RockafellaGillandant Chrystal Rose
2   Penpriory Shades Of Blue (*1994)48731 (out of 3 dogs)Zalute ZuperlativemaximusCarabrae Lady Love Of Penpriory
3   Pyrson K'laska Of Summerhill (*1978)391290 (out of 17 dogs)Tip'n Chip Sonny's HeavenlyKarolaska Kivalina II
4   Flaran De La Griffe D'Ours (*1981)34710 (out of 2 dogs)Izourt [LOF4587/388]Oranne Du Comte De Foix
5   Neou Du Neouvielle (*1997)321150 (out of 7 dogs)Estom Du Comte De FoixPastoure Du Mas De Beauvoisin
6   Estom Du Comte De Foix (*1989)3014112 (out of 11 dogs)Uchan De MontbernesAlbret Du Comte De Foix
7   Karolaska Klumbo Hof (*1979)301457 (out of 15 dogs)Karolaska Kuskokwim KidKarolaska Kivalina II
8   Rivergroves For Your Eyes Only HOF HOF (*1986)301427 (out of 8 dogs)Rivergroves Romance The Stone HOFRivergroves Designer Genes HOF
9   Alta Colinas Damenes Jens (*2005)29745 (out of 5 dogs)Cubilon's Hann-Hund HommageBeachbear's Guapa Joya De Ora
10   Rogue La Rue (*1962)261152 (out of 12 dogs)Montalvo Of RhopyrShibori De Luesta

10 Top Dams:
Name: Offspring: Partners: 2d Generation Offspring: Sire: Dam:
1   Gitane De La Belletiere (*1999)26347 (out of 4 dogs)Carabrae Jaques CartierDune De La Belletiere
2   Dune De La Belletiere (*1993)23328 (out of 3 dogs)Erke Des Grands CorentsEbberup's Evelien
3   Oranne Du Comte De Foix (*1978)21684 (out of 11 dogs)Miglos Du Comte De FoixU'Izoure Du Comte De Foix
4   Euzkotar The Rumor Mill (*1990)21441 (out of 6 dogs)Ventisquero Friend Of The DevilVentisquero Rumors At Euzkotar
5   Gabriella Mia La Joie Blanche (*2007)20227 (out of 5 dogs)Alta Colinas Damenes JensDanse D'amour Dewi La Joie Blanche
6   Ghita Of Reckhem's Castle (*2007)1911 (out of 1 dogs)Cantaou Du Tuc De L'AdosseVi'skaly's Zavanna
7   D'esprit Shanay La Joie Blanche (*2003)1936 (out of 1 dogs)Ursas Tambel Du BousquetGitane De La Belletiere
8   Carabrae June Snowball (*1992)1836 (out of 2 dogs)Carabrae HugoSomething New At Carabrae
9   Baronnie Du Tuc De L'Adosse (*2002)17545 (out of 12 dogs)Urson De La Griffe D'OursYlione Du Tuc De L'Adosse
10   Fragile Van De Kennemer Rangers (*1996)15214 (out of 1 dogs)Murphy [Grand Patou/Devaud]Jasmijn v.d Kennemer Rangers

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