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Here you can generate online pedigrees for planned litters - trying different sires and dams, change the amount of generations and calculate the COI.
Select the dogs from the database by typing the names in the fields and click on "Choose". Any change must be submitted by clicking on "Choose".

The testmating is not stored in the database, you will not be able to link directly to it. As soon as you close the testmating page or switch to another page the pedigree fields will become empty. If you want to follow a linked name in the testmating pedigree, do it with right mouseclick on the link and choose: open in new window, or open in new tab.

To make a link for a future litter, you can create a fictive litter name in the database, the same way as if you are adding a new Pyr, add the parents and save it.

Or you can make a screenshot for later use.

Generations in pedigree COI & Ancestor Analysis
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