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ID Name Reg# Sex Sire Dam Color DOB Country
3755 Fontenay Misty Montaigne IKC X79215 female Sketrick Gavarnie Fontenay Lavana white with blaireau 2006-10-23 Ireland
3890 Galliagh Ivan male Dupre Commodore Galliagh Ginevra White with markings 1987-12-13 Ireland
3891 Galliagh Jasmine female Galliagh Ivan Lough Erne Lass Of Galliagh White with blaireau 1989-7-8 Ireland
3892 Galliagh Kiri LOF 020122/02720 female Galliagh Ivan Lough Erne Lass Of Galliagh 1991-7-1 Ireland
3894 Galliagh Nalzan NKK 1133/99 male Pyrenmount Crispin Galliagh Lavedan white with blaireau 1997-11-8 Ireland
12078 Galliagh Ourtasse female Pyrenmount Crispin Galliagh Lavedan 2000-5-16 Ireland
14652 Galliagh Pontacq of Brigandorra male Rejaumont Galliagh Of Nauvoo Galliagh Navarra 2002-5-27 Ireland
14587 Galliagh Rabat Maelgwn male Sliabhgamh Sperrin Tancouet of Nauvoo 2006-3-24 Ireland
14138 Galliagh Taurinya IKC Z66223 female Karuso Du Grand Tendre Galinette Cendree Du Domaine De La Dou 2013-11-11 Ireland
14962 Galliagh Ussel IKC Z95964 male Flickorna Remember Me Galinette Cendree Du Domaine De La Dou white/ blaireau 2015-5-27 Ireland
16737 Galliagh Valette female Baztan Of Nauvoo Galliagh Taurinya 2016-6-1 Ireland
17114 Galliagh Valmanya et Zerious female Baztan Of Nauvoo Galliagh Taurinya 2016-6-1 Ireland
14474 Galliagh Vignemale IKC A12808 male Baztan Of Nauvoo Galliagh Taurinya white with blaireau 2016-6-1 Ireland
12571 Hugo Dash male Sliabhgamh Caisc Monksgrange Minuet White- Ireland
14586 Sliabhgamh Sperrin male Rejaumont Galliagh Of Nauvoo Galliagh Ourtasse white with blaireau 2003-3-17 Ireland
12077 Sliabhgamh Vailintin male Rejaumont Galliagh Of Nauvoo Galliagh Ourtasse White with markings 2006-4-15 Ireland
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