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Period for Breeding Statistics
Breeding Statistics

Males with offspring: 206
72,79% of males have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Sire: 3

Females with offspring: 277
89,64% of females have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Dam: 2
10 Top Sires:
Name: Offspring: Partners: 2d Generation Offspring: Sire: Dam:
1   Gillandant Awiseman (*2011)4880 (out of 0 dogs)Gillandant RockafellaGillandant Chrystal Rose
2   Carretou Du Neouvielle (*2007)15424 (out of 4 dogs)Beau Gosse Du Mas De La ValliereTourmaline Du Mas De La Valliere
3   Esprit De L'Ours Brun Du Domaine De Peyrac (*2009)1432 (out of 2 dogs)Grizzly Du Champ D'OursAngelique Du Domaine De Peyrac
4   Pyroni Georgio (*2003)1420 (out of 0 dogs)Shanlimore Midnight CowboyKenneview Curtain Call
5   Wonderwhite's Incognito (*2008)13214 (out of 2 dogs)Wonderwhite's First ClassWonderwhite's Extra Vaganza
6   Esprit Du Vent Des Brumes De La ComtĂ©e (*2009)12919 (out of 2 dogs)Ciachi Du Valle De Joli JaunterUnourse Du Neouvielle
7   Fago De Alba De Los Danzantes (*2006)12928 (out of 5 dogs)Sketrick GardianAnie De Alba De Los Danzantes
8   Alta Colinas Damenes Jens (*2005)12744 (out of 5 dogs)Cubilon's Hann-Hund HommageBeachbear's Guapa Joya De Ora
9   Felcore Larouche Vendeix (*2001)1029 (out of 1 dogs)Startrax Hikara SuluFelcore Seulement Yeux
10   Kazan De Alba De Los Danzantes (*2009)10410 (out of 2 dogs)Biados De Alba De Los DanzantesCotiella De Alba De Los Danzantes

10 Top Dams:
Name: Offspring: Partners: 2d Generation Offspring: Sire: Dam:
1   Gabriella Mia La Joie Blanche (*2007)20210 (out of 4 dogs)Alta Colinas Damenes JensDanse D'amour Dewi La Joie Blanche
2   Ghita Of Reckhem's Castle (*2007)1910 (out of 0 dogs)Cantaou Du Tuc De L'AdosseVi'skaly's Zavanna
3   Femme Fatale Des Brumes De La Comtee (*2010)12113 (out of 3 dogs)Destournel Des Brumes De La ComteeGaladriel Du Mas De Beauvoisin
4   Hazara Pyrene La Joie Blanche (*2009)1220 (out of 0 dogs)Alta Colinas Damenes JensDanse D'amour Dewi La Joie Blanche
5   Montanhes Flor De Liri With Felcore (*2008)1014 (out of 1 dogs)Darmour Supreme AppealSerrabonne Lis Des Pyrenees
6   Allia vom Osterland (*2010)1010 (out of 0 dogs)Guerrino of Reckhem's CastleNaila vom Mammutgrund
7   Kenneview Canadian Girl (*2006)810 (out of 0 dogs)Kenneview Ru Ready O'FoxwarrenKenneview Crystal Reflection
8   Dachka De La Chapelle De Pouyaspe (*2008)845 (out of 2 dogs)Aspin Du Val Du LavedanRaphia Du Pic De Viscos
9   Lumienkelin Amatsoni (*2005)819 (out of 2 dogs)Tsaika IvysaurChenespace Dimple Dee
10   Two T's Trypsy (*2005)831 (out of 1 dogs)Klondike CodySierra Blanca Of Las Nubes Farm

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