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Breeding Statistics for USA
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Breeding Statistics

Males with offspring: 1183
75,78% of males have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Sire: 3

Females with offspring: 1600
81,51% of females have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Dam: 0
10 Top Sires:
Name: Offspring: Partners: 2d Generation Offspring: Sire: Dam:
1   Pyrson K'laska Of Summerhill (*1978)371293 (out of 29 dogs)Tip'n Chip Sonny's HeavenlyKarolaska Kivalina II
2   Rivergroves For Your Eyes Only HOF HOF (*1986)241320 (out of 10 dogs)Rivergroves Romance The Stone HOFRivergroves Designer Genes HOF
3   Karolaska Klumbo Hof (*1979)211041 (out of 21 dogs)Karolaska Kuskokwim KidKarolaska Kivalina II
4   Quibbletown Impressario (*1959)18966 (out of 17 dogs)Lorvaso De La ColinaQuibbletown April Sunshine
5   Quibbletown Sock It To Em (*1968)18857 (out of 17 dogs)Quibbletown Glad RagsQuibbletown Ariadne
6   Pyrless Prime Time CGC HOF (*1990)181026 (out of 10 dogs)Rivergrove Rolling ThunderPyrless Vera Belle Du Mont
7   Karolaska Katchemak (*1976)171051 (out of 15 dogs)Karolaska Gran ElanKarolaska Nero's Clover
8   Karolaska Prudhoe Kid (*1976)151051 (out of 13 dogs)Balibasque Beau Of Karolaska CDKarolaska Petite Tramontane
9   Rivergroves Kendall-Jackson HOF (*1997)151443 (out of 14 dogs)Kaskadian Idyll Gossip HOF HOFRivergroves Sealed With A Kiss
10   Karolaska Bristol Bay Hof Hof (*1981)141026 (out of 13 dogs)Karolaska KatchemakKarolaska Pepper

10 Top Dams:
Name: Offspring: Partners: 2d Generation Offspring: Sire: Dam:
1   Almac Mountain Mist Cd (*1977)13216 (out of 6 dogs)Winterwind Cheyanne ChiefMaleens Rociente
2   Rivergroves Designer Genes HOF (*1983)11350 (out of 11 dogs)Pyrson K'laska Of SummerhillRivergroves Re-Run's Remaid HOF
3   Karolaska Nero's Clover (*1972)11448 (out of 10 dogs)Karolaska Polar NeroKarolaska Trudie Fair
4   Karolaska Kivalina II (*1976)10676 (out of 10 dogs)Karolaska Gran ElanKarolaska Nero's Clover
5   Quibbletown Queeka Bear (*1966)10240 (out of 10 dogs)Quibbletown ImpressarioQuibbletown Party Girl
6   Euzkalzale Glory Be (*1997)9214 (out of 8 dogs)Euzkalzale Sundance LegendEuzkalzale Hakuna Matata
7   Rivergroves Re-Run's Remaid HOF (*1982)9248 (out of 8 dogs)Rivergroves Crusher's Re-Run HOFPyreau Pyrrhic Victory
8   Elysee Eve HOF (*1972)9522 (out of 8 dogs)Karolaska Polar NeroElysee Raquette Ruff
9   Winterwood Almac Indecision (*1984)927 (out of 4 dogs)Pyrson K'laska Of SummerhillWinterwood Almac Step Aside
10   Karolaska Honey's Abby Hof (*1979)8312 (out of 8 dogs)Karolaska Friendly KasperKarolaska Honeybun

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