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Breeding Statistics for the period     for the country

Males with offspring: 55
122,22% of males have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Sire: 2

Females with offspring: 58
118,37% of females have offspring.
Average amount of offspring per Dam: 2
10 Top Sires:
Name: Offspring: Partners: Sire: Dam:
1   Pyrviews Solan Warrior King HOF (*2006)62Rivergroves Kendall-Jackson HOFPyrviews Xena Princess Warrior
2   Pyrless No Brainer HOF (*2007)64Cherlyns Royal Dash O'GloryPyrless Just Call Me Darling
3   Honor's Promise Of The Future (*2009)51Kenneview's Tuff Stuff HOFHonor's Promise Of Glory, HOF HOF
4   Schnee Bar God's Spirit Of Valor (*2006)41Schnee Bar We Praise The GodSchnee Bar God Is Our Helper
5   Calurian Ailo Mountain Sage Ra (*2003)41Calurian ProvocateurTip'n Chip Premonition
6   Nautika Monsieur Tache (*0)42Aba's Nautika MasqueRivergroves Nautika Fleurdunor HOF
7   Euzkalzale Choo Choo Charlie! (*2011)43R Pyr Euzkalzale Apache SageEuzkalzale Polar Express
8   Monark Playing Foots (*2007)31Monark What About GustaveGrizzly Lyann Simard
9   Pyrpressure Victorious Starmount (*2006)32Rivergroves Kendall-Jackson HOFCasinos Dallas Alice
10   R Pyr Euzkalzale Apache Sage (*2008)32R Pyr To Kill A MockingbirdEuzkalzale Nostalgic Moonlight

10 Top Dams:
Name: Offspring: Partners: Sire: Dam:
1   Two T's Trypsy (*2005)83Klondike CodySierra Blanca Of Las Nubes Farm
2   Aquilon The Tiger Childe (*2005)62Aquilon Starfire White EagleAquilon Double Jump For Joy
3   Talisman Isabella At Whiterose (*2008)51Whitehope PneumaTip'n Chip Mustang Sally
4   Schnee Bar Kissime Of Chekrdflags (*2009)41Chekrdflags Play The KingMusic Of The Rain Bydesign
5   R Pyr Euzkalzale Divinity (*2007)43Euzkalzale Brave BearR Pyr Mia Solo
6   Euzkalzale Bright Lights! Big City! (*2006)32Euzkalzale Rpyr Peace RulesEuzkalzale Sundance
7   Pyragon's Starry Night Skye- CGC TDI (*2006)31Pyragon's Starry Night HOFPyragon's Chosen Angel
8   Patorama Limited Edition (*0)31Tip'n Chip Spirit Of Thornhill Rae CDX HOFPatorama One Lump Or Two HOF
9   Mojave Renegades Smudge (*2009)21Mojave Renegades The Talking HeadMojave Renegades Petit Tresor
10   Pyragon's Mira In Night Sky (*2010)21Pyrless No Brainer HOFPyragon's Starry Night Skye- CGC TDI


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